I became an artist because of my need to create.

I enrolled at NSCAD University in Halifax, N.S. at 18 years old and completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Photography and my Bachelor of Design with a Major in Interdisciplinary Design by the age of 22.

At that point I was teaching photography in the School of Extended Studies at NSCAD, and I landed a position as Junior Designer and Lead Photographer at Orb Toys (where I am now a Product Manager and still Lead Photographer).

8 years later and I’m still driven by this need to create.

Life is fleeting, and moments turn to a drop in the bucket- so I cover my walls in images that make my heart smile.
And maybe there are a few more photos of my dog Jasmine up on my walls than my husband and son, but with a face like hers, can you blame me?

So here I am, with my camera in hand, ready to create stunning images of your furry family so you can be surrounded with images of love in your home.

Hey- it is my about-me page. That means I can put photos I like on it… I make the rules here.