Gabe: on saying goodbye

By December 15, 2014Dogs, Personal

Gabe, Gabu, Babalinski, Bubba, Snow-dog, Rain-dog, Mud-dog, Cardboard-Ninja-Dog.. everything dog. He developed more names than I can remember over the years.
Gabe came into my life 14 years ago- when I was 14, half my life ago. My brothers and I love video games, and at the time when this adorable black lab/ chow chow mix came into our lives we religiously read a gamers comic called Penny-Arcade (Monday, Wednesday and Friday!) – where one of the main characters is named Gabe. So a legacy began.

Gabe became a part of our family when things were in a pretty big state of change, and boy did he add more change to daily life! My oldest brother Shane had experience training dogs for Search and Rescue (one of our previous dogs was Bandit the Bloodhound)- so being that he was (is?) old and wise we let him take on the responsibility for training Gabe. And well trained he certainly was! To watch him and Shane was to watch two beings completely in sync, it seems like he would know before Shane even said anything. Even as he grew older and his joints less sprightly, he would sit slowly and carefully but always on command. During our last vet visit, after he was given the sedative, he couldn’t help but pace and pant- but when Shane told him to sit he did so gratefully, obeying and listening to his last moment.

Gabe now rests in one of his favourite spots, underneath the big pine trees. Sunsets are a little peace of magic to me, and as the sky lit with colours on December 1st, 2014 my heart was heavy, but peaceful. We love you Gabe, here’s hoping doggie heaven has all the bones and bum scratches you could ever want.
“The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye…until we meet again”
― Jimi Hendrix



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