It was a few days before Christmas 2010 and I was sitting in my in-laws living rooms when my now-husband brought out a wrapped box to me.

rip -tear- throw wrapping paper.. (I love unwrapping presents) and staring at me was a box with the words:

Puppy Starter Kit

I looked up at Brian and said:

“This is either the best day of my life, or the worst practical joke ever”

Yep, one of my BEST days.

So began the adventures of Jazz and Kristine.

Sometimes Jazz, Brian and Kristine.
And more recently Jazz, Kristine and Oscar (and sometimes Brian too 😉 )

Wherever Jasmine and I go, my camera comes along. 
It’s a joy to capture our many adventures, so why don’t you scroll down and take a gander.




Have 4 legs and a tail, will hike everywhere. Please.



Any ole water will do, she is a lab after all.



Jasmine doesn't stop when the mercury drops!


At Home

Home life and the livin' is eeaassyyyy..


Jasmine Hiking

To say that Jasmine likes going hiking is like saying a kid likes cake and ice cream on his or her birthday… duh!

 Some of our best days are days spent out on the trails. 
Over the years Jasmine and I have trekked the majority of trails in and around the HRM. 
Check out links to some of our favourite hiking spots:

Jasmine and the water

Well, Jasmine is a Labrador Retriever. So yes, she loves the water.

Any water. Swampy, muddy, salty, and sometimes even fresh!

The likelihood of one day going by where Jasmine is not submerged in some type of water is very slim. My camera has recorded many an instance of this silly pup and her love of water. Lucky for her we live within minutes of the ocean and a beautiful lake. It really is a dog’s life.

Jasmine in the Winter

Ok, so here’s the thing- if I had it my way I would hibernate in winter. However, Jasmine has other ideas.

Like, being outside in -30˚ weather.

So we gear up, and we get out. Most times my toes freeze off, but we have more adventures and fun outdoors than I ever have before.

Jasmine at Home

Many of our days are spent out and about, hiking, swimming and adventuring. But we know how to relax too!

Home is where the heart, and couch, is.

And Jazz is a certified snuggler. Her signature move is taking up the whole sectional, she defies physics, but we love her and her couch hogging ways!