Halifax, N.S. Landscape Photography

Landscape photographs taking in my home province of Nova Scotia and my home away from home of Switzerland. Spending time outdoors reenergizes not only my body but also my mind. I believe that creativity is derived from continued exploration- of places, of thoughts, of self- that is what I get from spending time exploring the landscapes that Nova Scotia has to offer. Our province is unbelievably beautiful, from the South Shore’s picturesque shorelines, to the rolling hills of Cape Breton, to the fierce tides of the Bay of Fundy! There are so many opportunities to take amazing photographs of all the landscapes we have at our fingertips here, I’ve only scratched the surface so far and am looking forward to many more explorations.
You will also notice photographs of Switzerland (the ones with castles and mountains 😉 ) sprinkled throughout this page. Half my heart lives in this tiny country on the other side of the Atlantic- home to more than half of my family it is a place that I have not spent nearly enough time in. I was born in Nova Scotia, but half of my genetic lineage is from Switzerland and my heart knows it; time spent in Switzerland is time that my brain rediscovers what my heart already knows. Also, it’s a heck of a lot of time spent out of breath trying to hike up mountains (and small mountains that lead to castles!) to take more landscape photographs.

Nova Scotia – Switzerland: amazing places, beautiful landscapes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.